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Church History

In the summer of 2005 God began to deal with the heart of one of his servants. A vision that was placed there some 15 years ago was about to come to pass. By the fall of that year the call was loud and clear. It is time to start a work.

By October of that year papers were signed and a new work was established. With no facility to hold services, Bro. Daul did what he had done for many years – open his home. In January of 2006 the first service was held in the basement of the family home. With many powerful services and the Lord drawing people to the work, by March it was time to find a facility that could hold the work.

But where would the LORD have us to go? That answer was quick in coming. Late one Friday evening while driving down Old Spring Street in Mount Pleasant, a sign caught the eye of Bro. Daul. It was in front of a little church that he’d seen numerous times before. The sign read; “For Sale”. Immediately he hit the breaks and began to turn in the driveway. Before he even got into the parking lot the Spirit was so strong, he began speaking in tongues. As tears filled his eyes, there was no doubt that God was calling him to this place.

Over the next few months God needed to open several doors to bring about this work. God opened every door. From legal paperwork to cleaning the building, God provided everything. On Thursday, May 18, 2006, our first order of business was a full church prayer meeting, followed on May 21st with our first Official Sunday Service.

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